About MegaBizSoft


We know that the right ERP can help in making data-driven decisions. And it is the
potential give your business to become better.

Filling this potential happens by implement the software and restructuring your
processes. The idea behind this restructuring is that operations need to be cleaned up
and primed for automation. Restructuring often involves re-jigging reporting struc-
tures, re-engineering business processes, learning new systems and managing
change. These are many of the reasons why implementation projects are so grinding.
However business performance can really improve.

So Megabizsoft creates strategic, based on Oracle platform which use cutting-edge
technology to build a system software that will make your business more responsive
and adaptive to the changing needs of your organization.

Megabizsoft has strong ERP system, we can create 360° visibility report which
synchronize directly to EBS system for real-time analytic. We have experience
working with Accountant and Financier and we will gladly use our expertise to build
solutions tailor-made for your needs. We work hand in hand with you to identify and
realize ways in which traditional and emerging technologies can be exploited to
increase your return on investment, improve productivity and contribute to your

Oracle Corporation